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research development

Research Development

A high-quality efficient research development team, advanced research development equipment, a comprehensive research development management platform, to create high-performance Xray products; The well-established R&D team of Xray is the driving force behind its independent innovation the driving force behind its technological breakthroughs! The "car mounted X-ray machine" developed produced by Aikerui has obtained multiple national technical patents, passed multiple certifications such as ISO13485 ISO9001 quality systems for medical devices, has registration certificates such as "Digital Flat DR", "Pneumoconiosis X-ray Machine", "Dual Energy X-ray Bone Densitometer". The product is widely used for health occupational disease examinations. The company has a large number of highly educated high-quality professional R&D talents, adhering to the never-ending spirit of innovation a work style of striving for excellence, will definitely become a br enterprise of medical devices in China.

R&D achievements

Four in one machine

Automatic film processing device

Digital DR equipment

Secondary energy storage battery

MHIS系統MHIS system

Dual energy X-ray bone densitometer

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